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Firstly, what is Hebrew School to You?

Hebrew School is a revolutionary program offering quality Jewish education throughout Washington DC!


You choose the time, location, and topic, find some friends (if you’d like), and we provide experienced educators and dynamic content. That’s the short answer. For details, just check out our FAQs section below!

If you still have questions, please let us know!

  • What topics do you teach?
    Each class is designed to help you reach your educational goals for your children. Topics have included Hebrew language at all levels, Jewish history, Tefillah (prayer), Parsha (weekly Torah portion), Holidays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, Jewish stories and songs, Mitzvot, and Community Values, among others, and we’re always open to new ideas, too!
  • If classes are small, how will my child make other Jewish friends?"
    We offer exciting programming throughout the year that brings children from all of our classes together. From holiday events like Shofar Factory, Matzah Bakery, and Purim Carnival to our Winter and Summer Camps, Synagogue Shabbat Programs, and our Library Story Hours, HSTY provides many opportunities for our families to become a community.
  • How often do classes meet?
    Typically, classes meet for a minimum one hour weekly. You can also choose to add additional time (pro-rated) or frequency (two or more times per week). Note: There is a minimum commitment of 6 classes, though class calendars are structure to reflect the schedule of the teacher and student which may mean that the classes are non-consecutive or skip a week.
  • Why Hebrew School to You vs. Traditional Hebrew School?
  • Sounds great! But we’re [not that religious/our kids already go to Jewish day school/we’re new to this whole Hebrew School thing] will it still work for us?
    Regardless of your Jewish background, or level of Jewish education, Hebrew School to You is a great choice! Because we tailor-design each class based on its participants, Hebrew School To You can work for anyone. We’ve had students whose families are otherwise completely uninvolved, students who attend full time Jewish day school and weekly services, and everyone in between.
  • I know classes are offered at the “location of my choice”, but what does that actually mean?"
    We’re open to anywhere in DC! Some suggestions include: Your home Your child’s school (during after care, etc.) A Public Library Our Kalorama or AU Park location Zoom (and other virtual platforms) Please note, unless the class is taking place at one of our locations, another adult must be on premises. We are also available for in-person lessons for students who are in a hospital/in-patient/long-term care facility.
  • How do the group classes work? What if I don’t know another family to join with my child?
    Typically, our group class rate requires a minimum of 3 children. It’s great when children learn with peers as they can develop great friendships and learn from questions and comments posed by their peers. So whenever possible, we will do our best to help you pair your child up with at least one other child at their grade level. We also may have a pre-existing class that your child can join. In some cases, private tutoring will better help your child achieve their goals, so we offer that, too!
  • I would have loved this program when I was a kid, do you offer this for adults too?"
    You’re in luck! We now offer a new program called Iyun. This track is offered to adult students of all ages (college seniors through senior citizens). You gather a friend or two and let us know your topic-choice, and we provide the teacher! This program is also great for parents who want to delve further into the topics that their children are learning or for those who would like private lessons with one of our experienced instructors.
  • With all the customization and privatized learning, is the program super expensive?"
    We do our best to make our program accessible to all Jewish families. That’s why no child is ever turned away from our programs for lack of funds. Our prices are beyond competitive and are all-inclusive. There is a minimum commitment of 6 classes. There are no membership fees, book fees, registration fees. Group Lessons (3+ students) $45 per student per hour Semi-Private Lessons (2 students) $65 per student per hour Private Tutoring & Bar Mitzvah Training $100 per student per hour
  • I still have a few more questions...
    Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email! We’d also be happy to put you in touch with one of our Parent Ambassadors who can tell you about their experience with our program, as well as answer any questions you may have.
  • I'm in! So what do I do next?
    Click here to submit a registration form! We'll contact you soon after to discuss how we can be meet your needs.
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