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What do people say about us?

Hebrew School is a revolutionary program offering quality Jewish education to DC families!


You choose the time, location, and topic, find some friends (if you’d like), and we provide experienced educators and dynamic content. That’s the short answer. For details, just check out our FAQs section below!

Watch the video below to learn more about what parents and kids think about our programs!


We’ve really appreciated the lessons that our kids have with Chabad. The kids really learn a lot! They learn about the Jewish holidays as we move through the year. They’ve been learning about prayer and about good deeds. And of course they’re learning the Hebrew alphabet and how to sound out Hebrew words. The classes have also made them more Jewishly aware. They start to see that there is a whole world of things that they have in common with other Jewish kids everywhere. But what gratifies us the most is that they are learning to be curious and excited about their Judaism, which is the best take away that we could have hoped for!


—  The Dorns

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