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Who are we and what do we want?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Learn more about Hebrew School to You - a long overdue remodel on the traditional approach of Jewish education

It seems appropriate that our first blog post should discuss the program itself. After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: What is Hebrew School to You and why on earth does it matter to me?

So, here’s the one sentence elevator pitch: “Hebrew School to you provides quality, tailored Jewish education to everyone from Babies to Bubbies in DC, at the time, day and location of your choice.”

What’s the catch? There truly isn’t one. Way too often we’ve heard that people feel that quality education isn’t within their reach. They may feel that once you combine tuition, membership fees, building fees, annual dinner requirements, it’s just too expensive.

They may feel that their family’s Jewish identity doesn’t quite align with one specific synagogue or affiliation. They may feel that they can’t fit Jewish education into their already over-booked schedule. Or, with memories of their own Hebrew School days filled with spit balls and unqualified teachers, they simply may find supplemental Jewish education to be a waste of time.

With Hebrew School to You we address all of these issues:

Firstly, our program is affordable, with no membership fees, and a minimum commitment of only 6 weeks. Plus, Hebrew School to You does not turn any family away for lack of funding! We do truly believe that every member of the Jewish family deserves a Jewish education.

Second, when you express interest in Hebrew School to You, you’ll have a conversation with one of our staff members about what exactly it is that you are looking for in a Jewish education program.

We understand that each family has their own educational goals and we work with you to ensure that our classes will meet those. (What goal are we referring to? Some families would like an emphasis on Hebrew language, or Israel history, or familiarity with Jewish traditions or prayers, or ability to study Jewish texts in their original form, or an exploration of Jewish values and teachings around specific modern issues. We’ve taught classes on all these and more!)

We understand that parents and kids in the district have incredibly busy lives and so we will come to you. Only have one hour a week that you could possibly fit this in? We can make it work!

Lastly, each member of our staff have strong background in Judaic Studies as well as years of teaching experience and experience working in informal educational settings. We use internationally acclaimed curriculum in our program, and our small classes allow us to adjust to the interest and abilities of our students throughout the lesson itself. We also offer mixed “Parent/Child” classes as well as classes just for parents. After all, as we learn from the great sage Rabbi Akiva, it’s never too late to learn.

So why does Hebrew School to You matter to you? If you, your child, your neighbor, or anyone you know is looking to enhance their knowledge of practical Judaism or Hebrew language in a fun, engaging, and personalized environment, you have finally found the program you are looking for. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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